2017 Toyota Camry

Toyota usually sells over 400.000 units of this model only in United States, so it is easy to conclude that Camry is very important to the company. It originally came in 1982 and so far, we have seen many variants of it, both in compact and mid-size variants. Current model came in 2011 and, although it got some big refreshments recently, it is expected that next-generation model will come very soon, maybe already as 2017 Toyota Camry. According to the company and also many other sources, new model will make big step forward and it will come with plenty of significant changes such as new platform, new look, new engine options and many, many other.

2017 Toyota Camry front view

2017 Toyota Camry redesign

For now, company didn’t reveal many details about 2017 Toyota Camry, some of the novelties are already known. One of them is new platform. It is called TNGA platform and it is still under development, but is expected to be finished in near future. Thanks to this platform, new model will slightly grow bigger and it will also feature longer wheelbase which means more space inside the cabin, beside other. When it is about cars look, we still don’t have complete picture of 2017 Camry but since current model has been refreshed this year, it is easy to conclude in which direction new model is expected to go.

2017 Toyota Camry side view

2017 Toyota Camry engine

This car is available on many markets so it will be offered in many variants in order to meet demands of different customers. Some of the engines will remain, while some will be replaced. For example, the 3.5 liter V6 unit, which is designed primary for North American market, will probably be replaced with new 2.0 liter turbo engine. This 4-cylinder engine will have an output of around 235 horses and 260 lb-ft, which is similar amount of power compared to V6, but on the other side, it is expected that 2017 Toyota Camry with this engine and massive weight saving, thanks to new body structure, will have around 30 percent better fuel economy.

2017 Toyota Camry rear view

2017 Toyota Camry release date

This model is still under development and it is hard to speculate about potential release date at this point. The 2017 Toyota Camry will come probably in 2017 and more of that we can’t give you for now.

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