2020 Toyota Venza

Toyota Venza 2020 is a project of the vehicle with incredible low fuel consumption from this perspective. Japanese carmaker has always been innovative and forward, especially when the fuel economy is matter. But, this time, they needed help, and they got partners in this project. So, new vehicle should be 2020 Toyota Venza by Lotus, because this company will help in reaching planned mpg rate. Story about partnership is interesting, because Toyota engineers were working on boosting fuel economy, and in talk with Lotus developers, idea was born, and new vehicle should come as 2020 Toyota Venza.

2020 Toyota Venza front view

2020 Toyota Venza platform

Making better mpg rate is about engine improvements, and also weight drop. New materials, such as aluminum and carbon fiber are going to be used for more parts of 2020 Toyota Venza. Plan is to reduce weight and to keep dimensions. How it is possible? Well, stronger, but lighter materials and better joining techniques should give a go to Toyota and Lotus plans. Current Venza uses over 90 percent steel for its parts, while 2020 Venza will be made 37 percent of aluminum, 30 of magnesium and 21 percent are composite materials. Steel will be used again, but only in 7 percent share. With it, 2020 Venza should save around 355 pounds. How much is it addition to mog rate, we will see.

2020 Toyota Venza interior

2020 Toyota Venza fuel consumption reduce

With over the third of weight from current Venza saved, the Toyota Venza 2020 should have large fuel economy improvement. According to some analyses, that could mean around 25 percent of mileage boost. Current models goes 20/26 mpg, and with that plan, 2020 Venza will go between 25-33 mpg which is excellent result for their segment.

2020 Toyota Venza

2020 Toyota Venza price

Even many new materials are going to be used and weight drop, it should raise production cost for about 3 percent. Powertrain is separated part, and it depends on its own modifications. Until 2020 there is still enough time to go, so any guess or prediction couldn’t be accurate. It is not impossible that other companies go after example of 2020 Toyota Venza by Lotus and we could get another class of vehicles by then.