Beetle Dune Concept

German manufacturer presented at the Detroit Motor Show a new version of the concept of a crossover ” bugs” from the 2000th year. It remains to be seen whether this time in Volkswagen to decide upon the concept offers customers a production model. Volkswagen’s once iconic ” bug ” though technologically perfected losing is part of the charm of two new -generation car. The new safety and environmental standards and a different relationship to the global automotive market have made the modern VW Beetle cost much more than the former original ” bugs” and thus attracts a much smaller number of customers , different profiles. In addition , competition among the so-called “life – style” vehicles each year is increasing.

Beetle Dune Concept

Beetle Dune Concept – design

In order to attract the attention of potential buyers of contemporary ” bugs” , Volkswagen has once again come before the public with an attractive concept is based on the latest generation of this model. This is a crossover concept, the Beetle Dune , which will premiere at the upcoming Auto Show in Detroit .

Applied the same recipe as the similar concept of the 2000th was based on the then ” beetle “. Like many other similar vehicles , semi off -road profile , the Beetle Dune Concept is equipped with security features on the lower body parts , bumpers , sills and wheel arches around that concept provide a robust look.

Beetle Dune Concept interior

In addition , the redesigned front bumper , grille, fog lights , a stylistic changes on Beetle Dune Concept are noticeable at the rear of the vehicle where the changed appearance of the bumper , which got a small diffuser , with the installation of additional roof spoiler .

Beetle Dune Concept – engine

Aboute terrain vehicle capability was not discussed , but Volkswagen said it is aBeetle Dune Concept driven by well-known 2.0 liter four-cylinder petrol engine with 210 hp ( 154 kW ), which transmits power to the front wheels by means of an automatic six-speed DSG gearbox with double clutch .

Beetle Dune Concept rear view

A statement from the company between the lines one can read that unlike the previous Dune concept , this new one has much more chances to enter into production .