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  • 2016 BMW X3

    Well, this is definitely one of those cars that make fall in love at the first sight. Current generation of this compact luxury crossover was launched in 2010 and it was very well accepted by the crowd. However, company feels that this model needs some refreshments after several years of production, so 2016 BMW X3 […]

  • 2016 BMW M2

    Here are some great news for all BMW fans and everyone else who like fast driving. The test mule of new coupe has been spotted thanks to enthusiastic photographers. According to some reliable insiders, it is a new entry-level sport coupe which will come as 2016 BMW M2 next year. Although it will be bigger […]

  • 2016 BMW 9 Series

    On the Beijing Auto Show BWM presented new concept car called BMW Vision Future Luxury. Although this is just a concept car, it is pretty much for sure that this type of a vehicle will see daylight very soon. According to some insider information, this concept car represents the Bavarian vision of super sedan, bigger […]

  • BMW Alpina B7

    BMW Alpina B7 will get new iDrive controller, interior features and systems will be updated and smertphone integration is better now. Also, safety systems are improved with pedestrian detection feature and cruise control system. The BMW B7 is top of the class model from BMW factory, and everyone would love to have this car. With […]

  • 2015 BMW 5 series Gran Turismo

    It is still unclear if 2015 BMW 5 series Gran Turismo will be hatchback, crossover or spacious sedan. All previous models has elements of all these segments, so 2015 BMW 5 series GT will continue to amaze and wonder all fans and experts. Basically, it is crossover, but very versatile and spacious. It has been […]

  • 2016 BMW X1  

    New generation of the X1 from BMQ is being prepared to come as 2016 year model,. Engineers are working hard, since company’s aim is to show this vehicle in homeland, at one of the biggest car show in Frankfurt. However, X1 will come as 2016 year model. New styling and engine modifications are announced. The […]

  • 2016 BMW 7 series

    The 2016 BMW 7 series will start a new generation of this series from German manufacturer. There is no official confirmation, but car has been spotted in streets under heavy camouflage. We can be sure that developing is going on, but about exact details about the car we need to wait for some time. However, […]

  • 2015 BMW 3 Series

    This generation of the BMW 3 Series is two years old. However, German carmaker doesn’t want to lose any time, so they already started with facelift of the sedan for the 2015 BMW 3 Series model. This is somewhere in the mid-cycle between complete redesign, so few significant changes could be expected. What will change, […]

  • 2015 BMW M5

    It has been 30 years since BMW M5 started its life in sedan class. When the car lives so long, it is sure that offers something special and there are a lot of fans and enthusiasts around the world expecting to see it. German manufacturer won’t skip to surprise them with anniversary edition of the […]

  • 2015 BMW 1 Series

    The 2015 BMW series 1 is expected to get refreshed model. This smallest sedan will debut in few months, probably by the end of the summer. What we expect is redesign, but there won’t be many changes, especially radical, so we will get well known shape for BMW 1 series cars. One of the things […]