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  • 2015 Hyundai Veloster

    When this model was launched for the first time in 2012, it was the company’s first compact hatchback with turbocharger. After three years, it is time for refreshments. Although new model is still in testing phase and heavily camouflaged, it is expected that new Veloster will get many improvements, both visual and technical. 2015 Hyundai […]

  • 2015 Hyundai Accent

    The 2015 Hyundai Accent will be just slightly modified current model. Some additions will be made among equipment, but nothing spectacular or radical is about to happen. Some of the highlights of the 2015 Accent will be sliding sun visors and driver-side blind spot mirror. For some trim levels projector-type headlights with LED accents will […]

  • 2015 Hyundai Elantra

    From its early days in 2011 Elantra made an impact to the US market. For new, 2015 Hyundai Elantra, redesign is expected so it will start new generation of sedan. It will have better look, improved performance and more economical consumption. It is still unknown if this car will go as 2015 or 2016 model […]

  • 2015 Hyundai Equus

    Korean company is about to continue successful market records with its relatively new model 2015 Hyundai Equus. There has been 6 years since it debuted, but since its unveiling, it just makes forward steps. It first appearance was on one of the biggest car shows in Detroit, so it is not impossible that 2015 Equus […]

  • 2015 Hyundai Azera

    The 2015 Hyundai Azera is made to fill the gap in prices between smaller car Sonata, and larger sedans Genesis amd Equus. Korean carmaker decided to refresh this model to have a complete lineup of sedans for 2015. What differs 2015 Azera from other Hyundai vehicles is front-wheel drive system which this car will have […]

  • 2015 Hyundai Tucson

    Many years behind, there were rumors about a vehicle powered by hydrogen fuel cells. In that case, electric motors would generate electricity generated from hydrogen, and not land grids. Hyundai has presented their 2015 Tucson Fuel Cell at LA car show last year, and according what we’ve seen, fuel-cell electric vehicle is ready for production […]

  • 2015 Hyundai Sonata

    The current generation of Sonata is only four years old and it is about to be replaced. The 2015 Hyundai Sonata should be a new car, but with a lot of heritage from its predecessor. Aerodynamic curves and surface creases had shown excellent, so Hyundai won’t change anything in that area. Design of this elegant, […]

  • 2015 Hyundai Genesis

    The Korean company established themselves as rivals with Japanese and German luxury vehicles. Back in 2009, they made it with Hyundai Genesis. Then, Genesis lacked chassis refinement. Rear wheel drive and a price tag of near $40,000, Hyundai made a statement. Their first try hadn’t good results at market sales, but we can’t accept it […]

  • 2014 Hyundai Elantra

    Last big changes, Honda Elantra had three years ago, in 2011. Then, with a hook-laden shape, also with a many new features, Elantra overshone better known models – Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic. With three years gone, 2014 is a year of changes. Redesigned exterior and new engines are ready, and 2014 Hyundai Elantra will […]

  • 2014 Hyundai Sonata

    The 2014 Hyundai Sonata boasts a bunch of revisions – refreshed styling, a revised power output for the 2.4-liter engine and various sound-deadening measures for a quieter highway ride, then blind-spot monitoring system, xenon headlights and LED taillights. Back in 2011, when the current-generation Sonata debuted, it sized up with its revolutionary design. That design […]