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  • 2016 Mitsubishi Montero

    After some time of absence, Mitsubishi brings its one of the most popular model back to North American market. This full-size SUV, which is known as Mitsubishi Pajero in the rest of the world, was originally introduced in 1982 and so far, company made four generations. Current model is present from 2006. It was refreshed […]

  • 2015 Mitsubishi Triton

    This compact pickup originally came in 1978 under the name Mitsubishi Forte, but from second-generation model it is known as Triton. Company presented new, fifth-generation model recently and it is expected that it will come in early 2015, while European launch will be later. New model comes with new body style, new interior, two engine […]

  • 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander

    This mid-size crossover originally came in 2001 under the Airtrek name, but few years later it was renamed to Outlander. There are three generations of this SUV. The current model was released in 2012 and company already works on some facelifts. The refreshed model is in late phase of development and it is expected to […]

  • 2016 Mitsubishi Evo XI  

    This iconic high-performance sedan is under production since 1992. So far, we have seen ten generations and next year we are going to see eleventh generation of this legendary street racer. Although there are no too many details known, there are some predictions and also some expectations about new model. According to some sources, 2016 […]

  • 2015 Mitsubishi Eclipse

    This legendary compact two-door coupe was originally launched in 1989 and it was produced until August 2011, when last the final Eclipse rolled off the assembly line, and was auctioned off, the proceeds donated to charity. During this period we have seen four generations of this iconic compact sports car. Although this model is out […]

  • 2016 Mitsubishi Pajero

    This legendary SUV is present for over forty years. It was originally launched in 1973 and since then, it presents one of the most recognizable sport utility vehicles around. The milestone of model’s popularity was definitely the first win in Dakar Rally in 1983 with second generation of Pajero, which was launched only year before. […]

  • 2015 Mitsubishi i-MiEV

    This all electric car was originally presented in 2009 and it is available since 2010. It belongs to class of Kei cars, which is Japanese word for small cars and it was the first electric car that was sold in over 10.000 units. The 2015 Mitsubishi i-MiEV won’t undergo some big changes when it is […]

  • 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander

    After short time of unexpectedly bad period, last model of the Outlander regained reputation of this SUV vehicle. Now, it is on 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander to keep and continue this progress. Quality and good marketing returned faith in Japanese carmaker between buyers, so we can expect nothing but the best features and design details for […]

  • 2015 Mitsubishi Lancer

    For the new generation of the Mitsubishi Lancer we do not expect any radical changes. Among others, this small family vehicle will suffer exterior redesign, and new thing will be hybrid version. After all, 2015 Lancer won’t be much different from its predecessor, so price shouldn’t be much higher. 2015 Mitsubishi Lancer redesign  Thin and […]

  • 2015 Mitsubishi Pajero

    The new 2015 Mitsubishi Pajero is on the way, but it is possible to be the last generation of the SUV vehicle we know. Mitsubishi company had announced its new business plan with “New Stage 2016″, which includes new generation of  Pajero. Japanese company believes that for the growth, it is needed their key models […]