Ford Fiesta 2014

In this day and age newer Ford products win customers all over the world, and play a major role and certain design features borrowed from the British car manufacturer Aston Martin. Not so long ago, that someone said that Ford will offer to cover the Aston Martin on its subcompact Fiesta, it would probably just laugh and say something like that would never become a reality. But Aston Martin’s mask has been seen in two Ford models, the Fiesta and Focus, which are among the five best-selling car in the world in 2012.

Ford Fiesta 2014

Earlier this year, Ford has updated its popular subcompact, which has not changed since it was introduced in 2010, with the already mentioned design changes, but unlike European customers, who can choose from a hatchback with three or five doors, U.S. customers is available the sedan. The reason for this move lies the popularity of such cars on the American market, where sedans have always been more popular than the hatchback. Thus, this model will be present exclusively in the U.S. market.

Ford Fiesta 2014 Sedan redesign

When we talk about the design of the vehicle should be said that the renewed suspension and the new 1.0L EcoBoost I3 engine, visible changes also include new bumpers, grille, hood and headlights, which are largely copied from the larger and more popular Fusion. The customer still gets three choices of equipment (S, SE and Titanium), all models provide identical equipment, and precursors.

Ford Fiesta 2014

The interior of the Ford Fiesta 2014 sedan also received some changes, primarily due to the commands MyFord system, which controls the complete electronics of the car. Unfortunately, this system has in the past received some criticism that it is complicated to use, and Ford promises that this is the past and all customers who are familiar with basic computer commands will have no problems with MyFord. Will it ostavariti remains to be seen.

Ford Fiesta 2014

Ford Fiesta 2014 engine

As for the powertrain, while buyers are still waiting for the new EcoBoost three-cylinder engine, which will debut early next year, as the only engine option is a 1.6L with 120 hp. As in the past, the power to the front wheels through a choice of manual or automatic transmissions with six speeds. Although this engine got a lot of praise in the past, but he is beginning to show its age when compared to major rivals such as the Chevrolet Sonic (1.8L and 1.4L Turbo with 138 hp) and the twins Kia Rio and Hyundai Accent (1.6L with 138 hp).

Ford Fiesta 2014

Ford Fiesta Sedan 2014 price

At the end, price of the model 2014 Ford Fiesta Sedan, with a starting price of just $ 14,000, the Fiesta sedan is $ 600 cheaper than the hatchback, while the most expensive Titanium model to allocate $ 18.200. When added at the Ford factory rebates, it becomes clear why the Ford Fiesta continues to be one of the best shopping in the class, but the EcoBoost engine is not fast enough to make his debut.

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