McLaren P1 GTR

Recently, the State of California has become a place for the introduction of new super-car. First, the Lamborghini has recently introduced a new Huracan Super Trofeo, in the time has come McLaren, introduced GTR version of the popular P1 model. McLaren P1 GTR arrives at the 20th anniversary of the legendary McLaren F1 GTR, another very popular car, which was able to win the big Le Mans. When it goes on sale in May next year will be one of the fastest cars of today, although its performance is still unknown.

McLaren P1 GTR front view

McLaren P1 GTR specs

GTR is still based on the standard P1 with substantial modifications of aerodynamic. Strength of the existing 3.8L twin-turbo V8 engine was increased from standard 903 hp to 986 hp, thanks to modifications to the electric motor. When compared with the standard P1, model McLaren P1 GTR provides a more aggressive look thanks to the front spoiler and there is a large rear spoiler and rear diffuser. The P1 GTR features and improved aerodynamics, polished suspension, wider track wheels, a new exhaust system, new 19-inch wheels and tires, along with the already mentioned more powerful engine.

McLaren P1 GTR side view

What is still unknown is the interior, but it is not supposed to be changed significantly compared to the standard car. McLaren plans and a novelty. It is a special program for all drivers of this car modeled on the Ferrari. The goal of this program is to teach the driver to use the maximum GTR, and keep the coolness in the style of a professional driver. All who are interested in this program can find out more information after the new year, or after the debut of the production car.

McLaren P1 GTR rear view

McLaren P1 GTR release date and price

Production McLaren P1 GTR can be expected in the next 12 months. The CEO Mike Flewitt said that McLaren plans to offer GTR in May next year after mass production of 375 copies of standard P1 stops. The offer will include a limited offer of only 25-30 cars. It is interesting that the new P1 GTR first be offered to current owners of P1, and the early announcements of the starting price will be about 1.98 million pounds (2.5 million euros or 3.3 million).