Porsche 928

According to many rumors, soon we will have an announcement of the new Porsche 928. This sport car could be replacement for famous 911. It is one of the best known models, but it is getting older, and company could try to refresh the market and their offer. However, Porsche 928 will probably continue tradition, with V8 powertrain placed probably on the front end. There are also some rumors about considering the move of engine on the back, but this is not so certain. However, so far, new 928 was successful, and time is now to continue that image it built during past years.

2016 porsche 928

Porsche 928 look

Styling of the new porsche is still unconfirmed, as well as rumors about the car. However, some experts predict how it could look. The Porsche 928 will have recognizable appearance for all vehicles from this company. Some information claim, that look of the new sport vehicle will be mixed from 921 Vision Concept, 991 and 981 Boxter or Cayman. However, that promises attractive and aggressive car.

New 928 design

According to some sketches, Porsche 928 get well-known look for German carmaker products. Front end is familiar, with few, but clean lines made precisely to boost its appearance. Lamps are highlight of the new 928. Its look boosts overall impression. On the other side, back will be made in classic Porsche style. Glasshouse and floating A-pillar are still there. These are connecting windshield and side windows. Taillights are similar to 991 model design. Another design detail on new 928 worth of mentioning is lower valance, which is classy again with position above a double exhaust diffuser.

porsche 928

Porsche 928 powertrain

Still long time before its final look, engine range is totally unknown. But, whoever follows car topics, knows that 911 is well known as one of the cars that exploited V8 with huge success. Now Porsche 928 as a pretender to replace iconic sport car, should get the same option. If we are talking about power produced from it, we are sure at least 400 hp is to be burned from powerful V8.