Renault Initiale Paris

For many years, Renault is looking to Citroen dominates the premium class of vehicles in the domestic market with the DS models. Citroen has recently decided to test in class premium crossover Wild Rubis concept, which next year will enter into production in the Chinese market , while Renault does not sleep showed this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show , where the French carmaker introduced Renault Initiale Paris concept.

renault initiale paris

Renault Initiale Paris design

Initiale Paris design school announces next-generation Renault Espace as well as to future Renault models could look like if the French giant decides to join in the class of premium cars . Renault promises to be the next Espace very similar to Renault Initiale Paris concept, but unlike its predecessor the new generation will bring a slightly lower roof height and to obtain aerodynamic lines and a sporty design. In this way, Espace will be able to compete and some SUVs , which are slowly taking over the traditional MPV customers . The current generation Espace appeared in the sale of as many as 11 years ago , and since then customers’ tastes changed significantly , and they are no longer the most important visibility and space , but I’ve aggressive image that MPV generally do not.

renault initiale paris

Chief designer of the company Laurens van den Acker says Initiale Paris represents a new beginning for Renault and its products will continue to be, more modern , more luxurious , and more expensive . Only the name was chosen to indicate where it came from customers this model in the near future all the premium models of the company will carry Initiale Paris name. Although the concept of providing only four seats, it is expected that the production model will have the option of seven seats on the occasion of the interior , we can conclude that he is one of the best ever presented by the French giant.

renault initiale paris interior

Renault Initiale Paris engine

In terms of mechanics, there is no official data , but as in the past, is expected to offer a rich gasoline and diesel engines. As we mentioned earlier, Initiale Paris label will in future be reserved for the most luxurious Renault, the first on the wish list of the Clio and Espace and later Megan.