Skoda VisionC concept

Skoda has released technical details and new photos of the design study VisionC that may arise Octavia hatchback sedan. Skoda VisionC concept builds on similar models from other manufacturers Volkswagen Group. This is a car that in itself should reconcile the elegance and spaciousness of luxury sedans and sporty image of coupes.

Skoda VisionC concept

Skoda VisionC concept – design

When we talk about the design of this concept should be said that Skoda has opted for the 5- door model. VisionC concept is much closer to the Audi A5 and A7 Sportback , but the model of Volkswagen CC, which, instead of the tailgate has a classic trunk – lid. This method retains the functionality and convenience of one of Octavia when it comes to access to the cargo area. However, this feature is most important for VisionC.

As they say in the Czech, the idea was to construct a vehicle that will be visually” expressive, dynamic and which will arouse the viewer with powerful emotions.”

Skoda VisionC concept

Skoda VisionC concept has sharp, rectangular lines, but with a lot of new details that are dominated by the geometric motif of the triangle. This is especially evident in the form of headlights and fog lights. The appearance of the rear, the brake lights in the shape of a boomerang is defined by the interesting ” fracture ” in the tailgate that makes the Skoda VisionC a unique phenomenon.

Skoda VisionC concept – interior

When we talk about the interior of the vehicle should be said Skoda so far not presented as it will appear inside of the car, but said that the cabin provides plenty of space for comfortable accommodations for four adult passengers and their luggage.

Skoda VisionC concept

Skoda VisionC concept – engine

This concept is set to the Volkswagen’s MQB platform, on which is based, among others, and the new Octavia, and for engine, interestingly, is selected turbocharged 1.4 liter TDI engine in addition to the gasoline as the fuel is used to power and natural gas. Powertrain of the concept is able to produce 110 hp (81 kW ), and when running on gas consumes 3.4 kg of fuel per 100 km and emits 91 g CO2/km. The study was designed to meet the emission standards prescribed by the EU set for 2020. year.

Skoda VisionC concept

Skoda VisionC concept – release date

Official launch of Skoda VisionC concept will be on the Geneva Motor Show. Skoda has not yet announced if and when planning to cross the concept to a production model, and if it chooses to do so production version should not be expected before the 2016th.

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