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  • 2017 BMW M5

    Well, there is no need for some special introduction for this car. BMW M5 is a high-performance variant of company’s mid-size luxury 5-series. This variant originally came in 1985 and it was based on third-generation of 5-series, also known under the name E-28. Earlier this year, a testing mule of new 5-Series has been spotted […]

  • 2016 BMW 9 Series

    On the Beijing Auto Show BWM presented new concept car called BMW Vision Future Luxury. Although this is just a concept car, it is pretty much for sure that this type of a vehicle will see daylight very soon. According to some insider information, this concept car represents the Bavarian vision of super sedan, bigger […]

  • BMW Alpina B7

    BMW Alpina B7 will get new iDrive controller, interior features and systems will be updated and smertphone integration is better now. Also, safety systems are improved with pedestrian detection feature and cruise control system. The BMW B7 is top of the class model from BMW factory, and everyone would love to have this car. With […]

  • 2015 BMW 3 Series

    This generation of the BMW 3 Series is two years old. However, German carmaker doesn’t want to lose any time, so they already started with facelift of the sedan for the 2015 BMW 3 Series model. This is somewhere in the mid-cycle between complete redesign, so few significant changes could be expected. What will change, […]

  • 2015 BMW 6 series

    Six-series BMW was launched in 1976 and ever since, these cars were made for people looking for sporty and attractive car. Third generation of the vehicles was launched in 2012. This year, 2015 BMW 6 series won’t suffer any big change. It will be offered in coupe, convertible and sedan version. 2015 BMW 6 series […]

  • BMW i5

    When Bavarian automaker founded independent department for plug-in vehicles in 2011, we all knew that this will be a big deal. The fact that tells us how serious is this project is that BMW invested over 100 million dollars along with SGL Group only in one plant which makes carbon fiber parts for BMW’s electric […]

  • 2015 BMW 7 Series

    Bavarian automaker plans to introduce new generation of its luxury sedan. New model will have a whole new look, new interior, new improved engines and many other technical improvements. 2015 BMW 7 Series redesign Many Visual changes are planned for the new 2015 BMW 7 Series. There are new grille, new headlights, raked windscreen, modern […]

  • 2015 BMW Alpina B6

    European market has two options for getting high performance BMW cars. First is M model from German carmaker, which is pretty usual. And many buyers have been turning lately to Alpina vehicles from BMW. Alpina is a tuner car, but closely connected with BMW. Officially, it is technically independent, but we can notice some similarities […]

  • 2016 BMW 5 series

    The next generation of the BMW 5 series is expected in two years from now. Summer of the 2016 will bring that vehicle. However, it doesn’t stop German manufacturer to test and improve vehicle in every possible segment. Lately, 2015 BMW 5 series was noticed on the streets of Munich, near R&D facility in this […]

  • 2015 BMW X4

    Among other BMW unveilings for this year, 2015 BMW X4 is catching probably most attention. The X3, X5 and X6 models are also attractive, but there is something special in the X4. Even it is SUV, the vehicle is not so practical, but more aggressive and expensive, with roofline like some coupe car, it will […]