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  • 2016 Jaguar XE

    British car manufactures finally plans to introduce compact, entry-level luxury sedan. Since 2010, when production of X-Type was ended, company doesn’t have this kind of a car, which is considered as one of the most important model for all companies that make luxury cars. Just like it is case with all Jaguar models, the look […]

  • 2016 Mercedes Benz GLK

    In the class of compact luxury crossovers, this model is definitely one of the key players. It came to North American market in 2010 and it seems that next September we will see a facelifted version which will beside visual, came with plenty other novelties. The 2016 Mercedes Benz GLK will get refreshed look, new […]

  • 2016 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

    Mercedes-Benz E-Class is a mid-size luxury car, which was originally introduced in 1993. Although its predecessors date to mid 1930s, E-Class name was officially adopted in 1993, when face-lifted W124 for the U.S. market was introduced. The second-generation model came already in 1995 and it was produced until 2002. Current, fourth-generation model was launched in […]

  • 2016 Mercedes Benz S Class

    There is no need for some special introduction of S Class. It is a luxury sedan, which is under production from 1954, although it was officially introduced with this name with 1972 W-116 model. So far, we have seen six generation of this full-size luxury car. Current W-222 model was introduced last year as 2014 […]

  • 2016 Mercedes-Benz M-Class

    This mid-size luxury crossover was originally launched in 1997 and there are three generations of this vehicle for now. Although current generation is present only for three years, company plans to introduce a refreshed version, which should keep this SUV fresh until four-generation model come. A mid-cycle version will come with several changes and most […]

  • 2015 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

    Although this grand tourer came in 2011, it is already clear that this car will became a legend. This two-seater is definitely a true spiritual successor of legendary 300 SL, which was produced during 50’s and 60’s. After five years, the production of this sports car will be ended and German car maker already prepares […]

  • 2015 Mercedes-Benz SLK

    When this roadster was launched in 1996, it was of the first cars to have retractable hardtop, alongside Mitsubishi 3000 GT Spyder. This model was created as idea of German manufacturer to make a roadster which will be at the same time sporty, light and short (Sportlich, Leicht und Kurz in German) So far, we […]

  • 2015 Mercedes G class

    Familiar boxy look of the G-class will be kept for 2015 year models. Somehow, whenever you hear about this type of vehicle you imagine its unique look. So, 2015 Mercedes G class with its well-known lines makes highlight in German carmaker offer. First model dates back in ’70 when it was designed for Iranian military. […]

  • 2015 Mercedes CL Class

    The Mercedes-Benz CL Class is about to be replaced with 2015 Mercedes S Class from next year. The name was already changed and S class will take over all functions and segment from CL. Both segments are luxury sedans. For 2015 we expect top car in every segment – technology, engineering and protection, which is […]

  • 2015 Mercedes M class

    New 2015 Mercedes M class will have new look for next year. First spy shots were taken, and even under heavy camouflage it is obvious that many changes will be applied. For 2015 Mercedes-Benz is also preparing new ML vehicle which will be built on same concept as new M class. The new 2015 M […]