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  • 2016 VW Jetta

    The Jetta is a compact car produced by Volkswagen, which was originally introduced in 1979. This car, which is often considered as sedan version of Golf because original model was created by adding a conventional trunk to this legendary hatchback, made through six generations so far. Current model was launched in 2010 and by the […]

  • VW New Midsize Coupe

    German carmaker Volkswagen plans to continue the tradition of “coupe with four doors”, launching the VW New Midsize Coupe concept at this year’s motor show in Beijing. This model was announced two years ago and needed to be based on the model of the Jetta and take the position under the current Volkswagen CC. German […]

  • 2016 VW CC

    The vehicle CC from Volkswagen company is a luxury sedan, not same level as Passat, but still satisfying needs of buyers of some lower level luxury lineup. The abbreviation stands for “Comfort Coupe”. German carmaker is about to launch new generation of the vehicle with 2016 VW CC. It is not confirmed yet, but from […]

  • 2015 VW CC

    The 2015 VW CC is expected as all new model. Even there will be many changes and upgrades, price shouldn’t raise a lot. Updates in engine lineup are expected as well as some chiseling on the exterior design. Some new lines could be seen at debut of the 2015 VW CC, probably not before next […]

  • 2015 Volkswagen Alltrack

    German manufacturer prepared lineup for the 2015 Passat, and one of the versions will be small wagon called Alltrack. This is kind of the vehicle which is very popular in Europe, but not so favorite across the ocean. US buyers are not so into wagon cars, but VW is still trying to satisfy these fans […]

  • 2015 VW Amarok

    While their 2014 year model is still fresh, VW engineers are making plan for next year truck. The company has a clear aim – to be one of the top selling company in US market. For that, they need a lot of improvement and luck to take over position held by Toyota and GM vehicles. […]

  • 2015 Skoda Octavia Scout

    Octavia is a model of the Czech manufacturer Skoda, which has a truly impressive sales. Sales of this model is increasing, so in December 2013 surged by 52 %. Skoda does not stop at that but still wants to sell more so in the order presented new model 2015 Skoda Octavia Scout. This model made […]

  • 2015 VW Touareg

    Touareg is Volkswagen’s luxury model. Especially its design. It would be big surprise if 2015 VW Touareg interrupt this tradition. Selling is in rise, so only slightly modifications are expected, mainly refresh design and updates on technology. Touareg is VW’s model for over the ten years, and this is second generation of the vehicle. For […]

  • 2015 VW Jetta

    The new Jetta sedan will be redesigned, after many rumors that this car has ended it production. However, gossips are now turned to Jetta SportWagen, whose last appear we could see as 2015 year model. On the other hand, sedan version will stay, and it has been announced that it could be unveiled in car […]

  • VW Polo crossover concept

    With upcoming international car show in Geneva, many manufacturers are preparing their latest models for premiere. Not only cars, but also concepts for future cars will be unveiled. One of these platforms which are expected to appear in Geneva is the new VW concept for its brand Polo, but as crossover. Volkswagen is keeping everything […]