Tesla model E

Tesla’s new model E vehicle is being prepared. There was official statement that car is in developing, but additional question – when it will be available, we still haven’t answer. Date of premiere and market launch is a topic of many rumors. The strongest are these telling that we can see new Tesla model E already at next Detroit car show. However, it could be unveiling of a concept or some part of it. Other rumors are telling we can expect it as 2015 Tesla E. However, there will be a lot of changes and we will see completely new vehicle from Tesla.

Tesla model E

Tesla model E price

Price was a major concern for buyers of the previous Tesla car, model S. Tag of $40.000 didn’t attracted too much buyers. Tesla probably tried to get extra profit with such large price, but failed at the end. Now, Tesla model E will be sold in half of that price, according to the plans. Of course, it will be price for base model with standard equipment. However, Tesla will test the market with its brand new project, SUV model X which will be priced from $69.900 and will show at dealerships in few months. Tesla model E will be most affordable car from this electric powered lineup.

Tesla model E

Tesla model E design

Maybe launch date is still unknown and there is not so many info about E model from Tesla, but we know on what engineers are working. Mid-size sedan will be totally different from what we have seen. Model S was large coupe, and model E will be at least 20% smaller. Tesla model E will also use smaller engine, so they will cut some weight, which is around 4500 pounds for S model. It will help E model shreds around 500 pounds, which is significant drop.

Tesla model E

Tesla model E engine

Engine and its capacity and durability is another topic for gossip between enthusiasts discussing model E. We can compare it again to S model, which carries 60 kWh and 85 kWh batteries. Model E will be probably equipped with 48 kWh battery. This one will have at least 186 miles of range and some experts have calculated it could go up to 200 miles. Model E will have a higher capacity battery option.

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