Tesla model X

Tesla model S is a luxury sedan, which made instant impact to the market. There were no so many complains, except the price, because the sedan was attractive, luxurious and comfortable. Now, for 2015, company is planning to launch all-new crossover, Tesla model X, which should continue good impression. The SUV will be based on S model from Tesla.

Tesla model X

Tesla model X design

Tesla is going to build their crossover, 2015 Model X on the same platform as its successful sedan, model S. Tesla model X will be perfect for buyers who needs small and low family crossover. It has seats in three rows, and it is built to accommodate up to seven passengers. Doors will be in gull-wing style, or as Tesla named them – falcon doors. These should be opened more easily and it will make better access to the rear seats of the vehicle. Overall, 2015 model X will gain some length and height comparing to its matrix, S model, but it will be approximately same width.

Tesla model X

Tesla model X battery

What is interesting for Tesla vehicles is their batteries. This plug-in vehicles are being powered with electric motors. For 2015 model X there will be two battery options. This crossover will use 60-kWh battery as a drivetrain for bas models. Higher end models will use 85-kWh electric motor. All-wheel drive will come standard, while FWD will be available for models with 85-kWh electric motor. It is predicted by experts, that because of the aerodynamic, SUV will use 10 percent more power than sedan. This is mainly because of the frontal surface area, which will have worse air flow. However, expected range will be 208 miles for base, and 265 miles for models with bigger motor. Model X 2015 will sprint 0-60 mph in 4.4 seconds.

Tesla model X

Tesla model X lacks

Main problem for these type of cars are recharging stations. Range is increased, but still, for longer trips, owners need good plan of charging. Tesla is making its network of fast-charging stations. Other bad thing with 2015 model X are falcon doors. This vehicle is family SUV, and owners won’t be happy because they can’t use roof for storing stuff, because of these doors.

Tesla model X

Tesla model X release date and price

Arrival of the 2015 Tesla model X is expected next spring. Price should start around $70.000 for base models and $95.000 for higher end vehicles.

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