Toyota i- Road

The recent decision to Toyota i- Road went into mass production made ​​us pay special attention to this prototype unveiled at this year’s Geneva Motor Show.

It is a car that is the creator Akihiro Yanaka said that the road acts as a motor, but with the economy and the stability of small family cars. The i- Road offers two seats and three wheels , of which one is located in the back and manage the vehicle when cornering. Above the front two wheels is the same as electric motors with which this prototype is able to reach a top speed of 59 km / h on the domestic market , and 45 km / h on the European market . With a single charge , which takes three hours on any home outlet , and the i- Road can travel 48 kilometers on a single charge.

Toyota i- Road

Toyota says that the ideal use of the car in the city crowds and is currently testing early prototypes in two locations – in Nagoya, Japan and Grenobile in France , where you can see about 70 children where the audience is still not sure what it is.

Toyota i- Road design

To design Koji Fujita made ​​sure that he used locomotives from the 1950s for inspiration . The i- Road is long less than 2.5 meters and is situated at 1,700 mm long , while the base width is 850 mm . These dimensions are very similar engines, which leads us to the conclusion that this car is easy to drive on the street crowd, and at one parking place for the car you can park four i- Road.

Toyota i- Road

Toyota i- Road powertrain

Mechanics is just as interesting as the design of vehicles , a total of only five horsepower runs the 300 -pound car . However , now it is known that aluminum , of which the concept and produced , is very expensive to produce , so the production model that provides a different tactic.

Toyota i- Road release date

Serial model should also be slightly narrower for easier penetration through the crowds. Not yet known when and where the serial model could make his debut , and according to some stories mass production could begin as early as next year .

Toyota i- Road

We conclude only after the Renault Twizy and Toyota joined the action to produce the car safe for everyday city crowds , and it is expected that other car manufacturers to follow this move.

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