Volkswagen Sportsvan 2014

The best-selling European car , the Volkswagen Golf , got another version , after the hatchback with three or five-door and station wagon in the lead now comes the extended version with a higher roof. Presented at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show under Sportsvan label , this version should continue to offer vehicles now known as the Golf Plus. However, when the production model debuts in mid next year you will not have a new name that will be shared with the Golf Plus or Sportsvan .

Volkswagen Sportsvan 2014  front view

Volkswagen Sportsvan 2014 – design

Compared to the Golf , with which it shares MQB platform, which is based on, Sportsvan 2014 is 83 mm longer than its predecessor and is 134 mm long . The chassis is also extended by 48 mm compared to the Golf , and for 2014 Sportsvan was 126 mm higher and 80 mm wider . From the design , such as that used by the German giant , no major surprises . As with the other products of the company, Volkswagen has gone to safe moves and most copied design which earlier this year celebrated the popular Golf , and other smaller models of companies such as Up and Polo . In terms of mechanics change also does not offer , and is identical to the one at the Golf .

Volkswagen Sportsvan 2014 interior

Volkswagen Sportsvan 2014 – interior

Larger sizes are also reflected in the interior space so Volkswagen Sportsvan 2014 provides 74 liters more space compared to the Golf Plus , which had 498 liters space . The rear seat lower 60:40 which gives an additional 87 liters of space , and when the passenger seat down Sportsvan 2014 provides an even 2,484 mm length space. The German car-maker promises a long list of standard and optional equipment, and special attention Volkswagen has addressed the security measures , so this concept provides a system that tightens the seat belt at the time of collision and also tightens the brake to prevent further date.

Volkswagen Sportsvan 2014 Concept

Volkswagen Sportsvan 2014 – engine

This means that the gas supply is based on four TSI turbo engine and the 1.2L with 84 hp and 104 hp and the 1.4L with 120 hp and 138 hp , while the diesel on offer are two TDI and 1.6L with 104 hp and 2.0 L with 148 HP . The standard transmission is a six-speed manual except that the weakest version, where the offer starts with a five-speed manual transmission , and all models also have an option and seven-speed automatic gearbox that transfers power to all four wheels.

Volkswagen Sportsvan 2014 front

2014 Volkswagen Sportsvan release date

In any case, the production model should debut mid next year as sales could start by the end of 2014. If  golf is  little for you, but you want to keep his driver’s characteristics, 2014 Sportsvan is for you.

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