Volvo XC concept

In the middle of last year, Volvo introduced the Coupe Concept , which was the first completely new product since the Chinese Geely took control of the Swedish car maker from Ford. Coupe has announced a new line of designer companies, with a streamlined design that is to replace the checkered lines, and also announced that it will follow a similar trend and the other models of the company.

Volvo XC concept

Volvo XC concept in Detroit

It looks like the Coupe still only remain a concept, and this year’s Auto Show in Detroit, Volvo introduced the XC model that represents the shape of the future concept model XC90. The Volvo XC concept is important for Volvo for another reason – it is the second of three concepts that are new Scalable Product Architecture ( SPA) platform . This platform is very similar to the famous Volkswagen MQB platform and it will produce most of the products of the Volvo in the near future. Similar to the MQB platform, the SPA platform will be able to produce models of different sizes, but under the hood there is enough space for the four-cylinder engines.

Volvo XC concept

Volvo XC concept – new platform

The platform will have its debut in 2015 with the XC90, and later with the S90 and V90 models. In any event, the designer Thomas Ingenlath states that the production model can be expected similar lines, while the greatest changes will be in the form of passengers. In fact, while this Volvo XC concept provides two rows of seats and room for only four passengers, the production model will have three rows of seats and will be able to accommodate seven passengers. Ingenlath also says that the inspiration for using today’s fashion among youngsters because they wanted to change the image of the company to its customers are mostly older customers. Many of the lines are similar to the Coupe concept and the final product looks very attractive.

Volvo XC concept

Volvo XC concept – engine

Swedish carmaker declined to disclose details about the mechanics of Volvo XC concept, but will mention that propelled Coupe 2.0L engine, with turbo and supercharger, develops an impressive 400 hp and 600 Nm of torque, so the chances are high that the same engine found under the hood XC ‘s. Volvo  in the near future plans to offer only three and four cylinder engines  size of one to two liters, but their power could amount to over 300 hp thanks to the turbo.

2015 Volvo XC 90 release date

Serial XC90 should make his debut on a larger saloon cars in Europe this year, and more information in the near future.

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